We are an Eco-Congregation

We are registered as an Eco-Congregation. Catriona Jeorrett is our Eco-Ambassador, so have a chat with her after church to find out how you can get involved.

What does this mean?

Latest Eco-Congregation News

Festival of Walking and Cycling, Inverleith Park, 2 September

Granton Goes Greener will have a stall at this festival. Catriona and Linda, two of our newly trained cycle ride will lead a group of cyclists from the church to the festival after lunch that day. Places will be limited so please let Catriona, Linda or me know if you ...
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Clothing Swap Shop and Volunteering

Juliet Wilson, our Climate Change Officer, writes: I just want to say a few things about the clothing swap shop. Through the swap shop, we want to encourage everyone to think about sourcing clothing second hand. This is something I believe in myself, all my clothes are second hand (except ...
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We’re set to save 2.8 tonnes of CO2 every year!!

Reducing the carbon footprint of the church building You will have noticed that new lighting has been fitted throughout the church buildings. The new lights are not only brighter but more environmentally friendly. These new lights will save 6,133kWh of electricity a year, which is equivalent to 2.8 tonnes of ...
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Local Projects working on Climate Change and other environmental Issues

This week's update from Granton Goes Greener Granton Goes Greener isn’t the only local organisation working around the issue of climate change. Here are some others: Muirhouse Community Shed officially opens on Monday 20th August at 10:00. The Shed, a Climate Challenge Fund project, is based at the old Co-op ...
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Travel Habits

Thanks to everyone who filled in the wee questionnaire about your travel habits, that will help us enormously when reporting back to our funders at the Climate Challenge Fund. Walking and cycling instead of driving or using public transport are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and thus help ...
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Join in the Big Butterfly Count!

Help Measure the Impact of Climate Change on our Wildlife Join in the Big Butterfly Count! Many people love watching wildlife and are noticing that bees and some species of birds and butterflies are noticeably less common than they used to be. Scientists are trying to work out the links ...
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Update on Swap Shop

The swap shop is now open regularly between 4-5pm on Mondays, 4.30 and 6pm on Tuesdays and 12-1pm on Fridays. People have already started coming along at those times to browse the clothes, donate clothes and to pick up free bread and cakes (donated by Baynes Bakery). The bread and ...
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Church halls closed w/b 6th August

The church halls will be out of use during the day for maintenance work week beginning Monday 6th August 2018. As most will know the Kirk Session has a development project underway at the moment which will see gradual improvement of the church premises over a number of years. This is ...
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4 TOP TIPS FOR REDCUCING FOOD WASTE By cutting down on food waste you can help reduce your carbon footprint and help the fight against climate change while saving money too! MAKE A LIST Make a shopping list to avoid buying things you don’t need USE LEFTOVERS Use left overs ...
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Free Bread!

We’re very grateful to Baynes Bakery for weekly donations of bread and other baked goods that haven’t sold in their shops but are still perfectly edible. These items are now available during the Clothing Swap Shop which is open in the West Hall on Fridays between 12 and 1pm. We’re ...
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4 TOP TIPS FOR REDCUCING CLOTHES WASTE OLD IS GOOD Don’t forget the old items hanging in the back of your wardrobe! If they still fit, wear them more often, if they no longer fit, donate them to the Swap Shop! REPAIR BEFORE REPLACE Repair your clothes – either take ...
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Clothing Swap Shop

After the successful launch of Granton Goes Greener on Saturday 30 June we are delighted to announce that the Clothing Swap Shop will now be staffed by volunteers at the following times: 4-5pm, Mondays 4-30 – 6pm Tuesdays (during the Community Meal) 12 – 1pm Fridays These are the times ...
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“Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial

"Success in tackling climate change is absolutely crucial, it’s the biggest challenge our planet faces." - Deidre Brock MP on launching Granton Goes Greener. We were delighted to have our MP, Deidre Brock, along to formally launchGranton Goes Greener. Deidre had some greate and positive things to say about the project, the ...
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Granton Goes Greener Lauched

Our Granton Goes Greener project successfully launched on Saturday 30 June. Many thanks to all of you who helped to make this a successful event. We were pleased with the turnout and people who came along enjoyed participating in the many activities including children’s crafts, making miniature gardens and face ...
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Follow Granton Goes Greener on Social Media

Our Climate Challenge Project continues to gather pace, with Granton Goes Greener now on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter and you can follow us @GreenerGranton. We have 30 followers so far.... There's also a Facebook group - just search for "Granton Goes Greener" and ask to join. You can share ...
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Introducing our new Climate Change Officer

Hi, I’m Juliet, the new Climate Change Officer for the Granton Goes Greener Project, which is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and the Scottish Government's European Structural Funds department to help people in Granton to reduce their carbon footprint. This is a very practical project as it will help ...
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Earth Day and Single Use Plastics – invitations

We have been invited to join St Andrew's Clermiston to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, 22nd April. There is a  church service at 10.30am on Sunday morning involving children from Clermiston Primary School Eco-group, Clermiston District Brownies and Craig-almond Cubs all of whom will share news on their current Eco projects with ...
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Kitchen Table Talk – pop along on 15th April

What would make a good community kitchen? Have your say after Church on Sunday 15th AprilAs most folk will know, we have plans to upgrade the church kitchen so that it becomes more fit purpose both now and in the future. In addition to Lunch Club, Coffee Mornings, Community Meals ...
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Blue Skies Project off to a flying start with Granton Goes Greener

Following the Congregation's decision to proceed with refurbishing our church buildings so that we can better serve the community, the Blue Sky Group have been working hard to make that happen.Late last year an application was made to The Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund for a grant that would allow ...
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Vacancy: Climate Change Officer (fixed-term/0.6FTE) – Closing Date 13 April 2018

NOTE: THE CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS FOR THIS POST WAS 13TH APRIL CLIMATE CHANGE OFFICER Salary:   £18,278 pro rata Status: 22.5 hours per week (3 days)Closing date: Friday 13 April 2018 (midnight)Location: Granton, EdinburghA new and exciting opportunity has arisen for a self-motivated and enthusiastic individual to make an impact in ...
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Eco-Challenge for Lent #2

During Lent we will be encouraging everyone to take part in an Eco-Challenge. There will be challenges that we can all do together to reduce our carbon footprint. The first challenge continues - clothes swap - and we're now ready to start the second challenge! This is all part of our commitment as ...
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Eco-Challenge for Lent #1

During Lent we will be encouraging everyone to take part in an Eco-Challenge. There will be challenges that we can all do together to reduce our carbon footprint. We're ready to start the first challenge! This is all part of our commitment as an Eco-Congregation in identifying small ways we can help tackle ...
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Eco-Challenge for Lent

During Lent we will be encouraging everyone to take part in an Eco-Challenge. There will be challenges that we can all do together to reduce our carbon footprint. The first challenge will be announced next week. This is all part of our commitment as an Eco-Congregation in identifying small ways we can ...
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“Facing the Reality of a Changing Climate” – event on 19th November

As an Eco-Congregation, we understand that we have responsibilities in Climate Change. As people of hope, how can we respond? There's a unique opportunity to hear Katharine Hayhoe from North America, an evangelical Christian and climate scientist named in TIME magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World 2014 and Fortune's 50 ...
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Make the most of the bulletin

It's always tricky to know how many copies of the weekly Bulletin to print each week - our congregation averages between 70 and 80 folk and there are quite often spare copies of the bulletin left over. Now that we are an Eco-Congregation we should be thinking of reducing waste, ...
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Lent Eco-Challenge #3: The Travel Challenge

As part of your carbon fast for Lent, think about how you get around and try to take 3 less car journeys per week than you normally would.  This can easily be achieved by thinking ahead and planning your routes. Why not car share to church?  If you've got an empty seat in your ...
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Eco Congregation Annual Gathering in Glasgow

If you're not involved in the Daffodil Tea on 22nd April you may wish to pop through to Glasgow for the Eco-Congregation Scotland Annual Gathering 2017 Speak to our Eco-Ambassador Catriona Jeorrett for more information or to co-ordinate travel arrangements. Saturday 22nd April 2017, 10:00am – 3:15pm Burnside Blairbeth Church, ...
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Take part in Earth Hour on Saturday 25th March

As part of our responsibilities as an Eco-Congregation, we are encouraging everyone to take part in this year's Earth Hour on Saturday 25th March at 8.30pm. Read more on the Eco-Congregation website  Dunscore Parish Church wrote a prayer for Earth Hour: Creator God, this earth is miraculous and beautiful.  Forgive our ...
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Eco-Challenge #2 – “Make meat a treat”

We're doing a new Eco Challenge each fortnight during Lent. The first one was a challenge to save water and energy by only filling the kettle with the water that you need. This fortnight's challenge is to"go meat free for 3 days a week". Roughly 18% of global greenhouse gas ...
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Augustine United’s Lenten series

The Edinburgh Eco-congregation Network is invited to participate in Augustine United's Lenten series This will be a whirlwind journey through personal, organizational and political action addressing climate change. The sessions will be based on shared experiences, together with group and individual activities. We will take inspiration from Matthew 5:38-42, contextualized ...
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Eco-Challenge for Lent

During Lent we are encouraging everyone to take part in a carbon fast. There will be challenges that we can all do together to reduce our carbon footprint. The first challenge is to measure the volume of water you need to boil in your kettle. If you only need one ...
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Great news! We have recently registered as an Eco-Congregation. We are proud to have recently become an Eco Congregation.  Here at Granton we believe in being good stewards of our planet, we also believe in caring for others.  Climate change has a massive impact on the lives of people least ...
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What does that mean?

Eco-Congregation Scotland is a charity, offering a programme to enthuse and equip churches to weave environmental issues into their life and mission in an enjoyable and stimulating way.

Our Vision

  • A Scotland that cares for God’s creation, now and forever.

Our Values

  • We care passionately for God’s creation
  • We are part of a faith based movement
  • We are one of hundreds of churches
  • We work co-operatively with each other and with others who care about the environment
  • We encourage transformational change at individual, community and national levels

Our Mission

  • In prayer, worship and conversation we discover what it means to care for God’s creation
  • We put that care into action individually, locally, nationally and globally, desiring to live justly in a transformed world
  • We commit ourselves to campaigning on urgent threats to the web of life in our vulnerable world

How we do it

We do this through three strands:

  • Spiritual living
    Making the link between environmental issues and Christian faith
  • Practical living
    Taking practical action in the church
  • Global living
    Influencing attitudes and take action in the local or global community on issues such as climate change