Granton Parish Church

We are a community of Christians who are seeking to live out Jesus calling to be Good News within the area of Granton and beyond.

Check out our ideas on how to put faith into practice even during these challenging times!

We may not be meeting for Sunday Services but that doesn’t mean that Church is going to stop. It just means we’re being creative about how we learn, worship and pray together as a Church.

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UPDATE SUNDAY 17th May 11:30am

Good morning everyone, unfortunately Zoom are having some significant technical difficulties this morning which are out of our control, which means that we won’t be able to join as usual for our Sunday morning service. 
Instead we suggest that everyone takes some time to view our weekly music and message videos 
And remember that Heart and Soul is streaming live online this afternoon at 2pm through the Church of Scotland website.


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This week's bulletin, Daithy Thoughts for the Day, events and activities - all in one place

Read the latest news and updates from church

Thoughts for the Day will now be longer and include both a prayer and an action for you to do at home. These are to help us to connect with God and grow in our faith.

Every week there is a bulletin sent out via email for people that will have items in it on how to keep connected, how to keep our faith growing, how to keep reaching out and how to keep our hope alive.

If you know of anyone who would appreciate a printed copy of the Bulletin and the previous week’s Thought for the Day, you can print off copies from this page >>>

Share ‘n’ Wear has moved online for the duration of the crisis. Read all about our climate challenge project on the Granton Goes Greener website

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This week’s Bulletin

There’s a Bulletin every week – read now or subscribe and get it sent to your inbox every Thursday​.

We’ll also send you a Thought for the Day every day at 7am

We'd love to send you an email bulletin each Thursday, and a daily thought

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thumbnail of 2020 08 09 – The Bulletin for Sunday 9th August 2020

Printed versions of the Bulletin and Thought for the Day

If you know of anyone who would appreciate a printed copy of the Bulletin and the previous week’s Thought for the Day, you can print off copies here.

Keep connected >

You might think church has stopped, it hasn’t. We can’t do what we normally do so we are getting creative in how we keep our church community connected and how we reach out to the wider community. Given we are a people of hope its really important we embody this hope right now.

There's a place for you >

Here at Granton we offer a range of social and spiritual groups, covering all ages, where you can mix, enjoy fellowship and grow within our community.

Life Events >

The Church of Scotland plays an essential role in providing worship and spiritual guidance for key life events, from child blessings and baptisms to marriage and funerals.