10,000 Voices – you can be one of them

speak out

The Church of Scotland is taking a long-term approach to tackling inequality and injustice. Over the next ten years, it will bring about change in some of the most critical issues facing our nation and planet. It wants the people of Scotland to help to set these priorities.

This autumn the Church and Society Council is asking people in local churches and in every part of Scottish society – politicians, voluntary organisations, people from every walk of life, including those who are the most disadvantaged and excluded in Scottish society – to help us develop new ideas and priorities to work on in the future.

We want to hear from 10,000 people about what will make the biggest difference.

We are saying:

It is 2035. Scotland is a fairer, more equal and more just society in a fairer, more equal and more just world. Take your time and imagine what this would look and feel like.

We will gather everyone’s suggestions and identify no more than 6 key areas for action. We will then commit ourselves to work every day to bring these changes about – locally, nationally and internationally – in every part of Scotland, for at least the next ten years.

Kirsty is leading this project for our church, so look out for more information soon – and be ready to take part….

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