Moderator calls for unity

john chalmers


The Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Right Revd John Chalmers has written to every congregation in throughout the church in light of the referendum. Part of that letter is as follows:

“As a national Church, I think its is important that, across the country, we should take the lead in marking the result of the Referendum and praying for unity of purpose as we begin to shape Scotland’s future in accordance with the will of the people of Scotland. We cannot let ourselves be defined by which side we have been on, on the 18 September; instead we have to take the opportunity to define ourselves by our commitment to working together to build Scotland’s future with shared purpose and shared values.”

He has asked every congregation in the land to unite together in an act of commitment to the people of Scotland as follows:
We commit ourselves, to work for the people of Scotland, uniting to build a better society, grounded in the values and ideals we share:

Let us act wisely:

Respecting our differences 

Healing one another’s pain 

Working together for the common good 

Let us act justly:

Towards those who have different views

Towards those who cannot stand up for themselves

Towards those who live life on the margins

Let us act with compassion:

When we see others struggling

When our neighbours need support

When our rivals are in despair

Let us act with integrity: 

Putting the good of others before our own

Putting honesty and truth before personal advantage

Putting self-interest aside in favour of self-sacrifice and noble service

We are proud today to reaffirm our commitment to the people of Scotland.


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