Vocations Sunday


From Heather French, National Vocations Promotions Officer, Ministries Council

With Vocations Sunday – the second Sunday in Advent – fast approaching, I’d like to make you aware of a new gap year scheme being piloted by the Ministries Council in 2015/16 called ‘Volunteering Vocations’, an exciting opportunity for young adults to develop new skills, live somewhere different, grow their leadership potential, worship together, explore and grow in faith and reflect creatively on their future.

I’ve attached the information booklet for potential volunteers and the application form, and interested parties between the ages of 18 and 25 are very welcome to apply anytime – instructions for how to do so are in the booklet, and the closing date for application is Friday 27th February 2015.

Interviews will take place in March, and successful applicants will be matched to placements in one of two locations in Scotland, based on the individual’s skills and aspirations as well as the requirements and needs of the congregation and community. Placements will begin in September 2015 and last for around 10 months full-time, during which volunteers will receive accommodation, food and basic living expenses.

Both locations will offer a fantastic opportunity for the volunteers to gain experience of the different types of work within a parish or project in a supported environment, whilst exploring any potential call to serve the Church in the long term and, quite apart from any other benefits to the Church, the community and the individual, this would look good on any CV.

I have attached an advert for placing on noticeboards, church magazines or websites and I’d be really grateful if you could encourage young folk you come into contact with through your work to volunteer with ‘Volunteering Vocations’- and if they want to email or chat to me about the scheme, they are very welcome to get in touch by either giving me a call in the Church Offices, or emailing vocation@cofscotland.org.uk.

Many thanks,


vocations full advert