A message from Norman about Granton Goes Greener

granton goes greener

Hello everyone,

This is a note to update you all on the Granton Goes greener Project and to ask for your help.

When the project came into being there were two distinct strands.

Firstly, fabric work around the church such as repairing and updating windows which has now mostly been done. All the halls now have secondary glazing with only the church windows still to do. Where possible all the roof spaces have been insulated. Having a flat roof, it was not possible to insulate the West Hall roof. In addition every light fitting has been replaced for a low energy alternative. Taken together these should reduce our carbon footprint significantly over the next few years.

The other strand of the project were the clothes swap and bread distribution projects. What’s been happening there is quite amazing. If you click on this link you will see some of the project numbers.

Over 1,300Kg of clothes donated from April to July this year. Just short of 1,000kg of clothes given away rather than going to landfill. 86kg of bread were used rather than being thrown out.

Not only are these huge carbon savings they are also putting into practice our faith.

The project has been so successful we have received funding from the Church of Scotland to keep it going for the next 3 years. That funding covers roughly 50% of our needs so we will still need to raise other monies but it’s a great encouragement.

We have also been highlighted nationally by the church.

Edinburgh church eco group goes from strength to strength

What we need right now more than anything else are volunteers. Anna who heads up the project has gathered a small group of dedicated people who give just a couple of hours per week and without whom the project could not function. They staff the clothes project, run the back shop sorting clothes, collect the bread, etc etc. They have done extremely well, yet as the project goes they need help. That is why we are asking folks from the church to consider becoming a volunteer.

Do you want to make a positive difference in your community?
Do you want to help save the environment?
Do you want to work to making the world a better place for the next generation?
Can you spare 2 hours, either every week or every fortnight or every month?
Do you want to make a practical difference with your faith?

If this is you please email me and we will take it from there. If you don’t really know that much about the project then go along when it’s open and chat to Anna. She can tell you much more than I can.

The Share ‘n’ Wear area is usually open at the following times:

  • Wednesday: 3-4.30pm
  • Thursday: 4.30-6pm
  • Friday 12-1pm (with Rescued Bread!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Reverend Norman A Smith

8 Wardie Crescent

0131 551 2159