19th Feb Heb 11:23-40 “In God We Trust”

Lent thought for the day

The official motto of the USA is “ In God we trust” which was adopted in 1956 but first appeared on the two cent coin in 1864. People though, have been living that reality of trusting in God for many thousands of years. Moses and the Judges and all the people mentioned in this text lived that reality, they had hope, faith and confidence in God, a keeper of promises which influenced how they lived.

Neither their faith nor their hope was blind but was based in who they knew God to be. Jesus is proof that the faith they had in God was not misplaced, that God was faithful even though they did not live to see it.

Sometimes it’s good to just take a moment to reflect on how and why you trust in God and then let that understanding direct your faith, your hope and your living.

Today’s thought-for-the-day is from Emma