21st Mar Psalm 5 Pray as you can

Lent thought for the day

The desire to reach out to God in prayer is for many people a basic instinct but how often do we abandon all attempts to pray, because we think that prayer is about focus, it’s about mood, it’s about taking lots of time when we just don’t have the time, or its about sitting in silence, or its about being eloquent or using the right words. It’s easy to adopt the attitude of putting prayer off if we focus on these things and believe that we can only pray and be heard in such circumstances.

God hears prayers through the noise, in the hustle and bustle of life, in the in between moments of a busy day.

He hears the prayers filled with words and the prayers when we can’t find the words.

So today why not give up the excuses about why you can’t pray and use the time you do have whether that’s an hour or a minute, whether you have silence or are surrounded by noise to pray to the God who always listens.

Today’s thought-for-the-day is from Emma