3rd Mar Ezra 7:1-28

Lent thought for the day

Ezra was very much a man of his time, Located firmly in history. He was a scribe, a teacher of the Law of Moses. Scribes became messengers of the will of God, they took the place of the prophets, but instead of receiving new revelations, they explained and applied the old.

By the time of Jesus scribes had moved from the original ideal of a scribe as established by Ezra and we find them actively opposing Jesus, from their perspective maybe with the best of intentions, upholding the Law

Sometime things started with the best of intentions, actually work against the will of God in our lives.

Sometimes it’s good to take time to pause and consider what practices we have adopted in our living and whether they speak of God or just us whether they help or hinder Gods will for our lives.

Why not take time today to do just that?

Today’s thought-for-the-day is from Emma