A Mile of Memories – Richmond’s Hope – 23rd September

mile of memories top graphic

Sandra Summers will be talking in church about this over the next couple of weeks, so speak to her for more information.


In the lead up to Richmond’s Hope’s Mile of Memories event in September (23rd – put it in your diary), there is an opportunity to start raising money now.

Register for the event using the form below.

Collect your memory stick from Richmond’s Hope and take it away to decorate in memory of someone who has died. A groove along the top of the stick holds 45 £1 coins.

Fill the groove and once full, return both the coins and the stick to Richmond’s Hope where your money will be banked for the project.

Join us on the 23rd September 2017 to see your stick laid along the promenade and create a mile of memories.
For further details please contact Richmond’s Hope on 0131 661 6818

mile of memories leaflet and registration form

mile of memories poster

read more on the Richmond’s Hope website