ACORN Group — A new way to grow our faith


Have you ever wanted to invite a friend to Church, but found it too intimidating?

Do you want to be more open with your faith with others, but don’t really know where to begin?

If so you’re not alone, all of us at some time have struggled to talk about the big issues with people in our lives. Reaching out to others isn’t always easy, but we know it’s an important part for growing our Church. Every person sitting in Church is there because someone, somewhere invited them to join in.

That’s why we are starting a group to help encourage one another in speaking about our faith. We are basing it around one of the latest ideas for encouraging mission, a technique called ACORN. ACORN stands for:

  • ASK: Ask God, is there anyone in our lives we could be reaching out to
  • CALL: Listen for what God might be saying
  • OBEY: Respond to the call; that could be inviting them to Church, asking them out for a catch up, or just asking ‘how are you doing?’
  • REPORT: Share with others about how it went: did it go well? How did you feel?
  • NOTICE: Reflect on what God has done in and through you


Our ACORN Group will meet meets weekly to chat about how God is prompting us, and to support one another as we try to follow God’s call. It’s a group not for super-Christians, but for ordinary folks who want to help one another as we share our faith with our friends, colleagues, neighbours and families. We hope to run at least one group on Zoom so anyone, anywhere can access.

If you are interested in being involved, please drop me a message at