Advent & Christmas 2021

Advent serves as an anticipation of Christ’s birth in the season leading up to Christmas. That's only part of the story. Hear the rest at church.

Arrested for holding a Christmas Day party!

Norman says that there are countless examples of people not being willing to let Christmas go.

By 1647 Parliament had effectively won the English Civil war. Cromwell was in charge and Charles was imprisoned in Hampton Court awaiting his fate.

Parliament went on to ban Christmas in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland because they didn’t believe in holy days since every day should be equally holy. It didn’t turn out well…

The church wardens of St Margaret’s church, Westminster Abbey were arrested because they allowed a party on Christmas day.

In 1648 in Norwich the mayor was summoned to London to explain why they allowed festivities to keep going.

They never got there because a crowd stormed the city gates, keeping them shut. They weren’t going to hand over the man who allowed them to celebrate!

Then there was a riot as the army was called in and 40 people were killed when the city’s ammunition store exploded.

There are countless examples of people not being willing to let Christmas go.

Whether it’s because they felt cheated out of a good party or because they wanted to celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we don’t know. I suspect more the former than the latter.

Christmas is part of who we are, our heritage and our national identity.

Though communities and families celebrate it in different ways, everyone celebrates it and irrespective of how secular our nation might now be, Jesus Christ remains at the heart of Christmas.

This is the celebration of his entry into the world. Emmanuel, God with us. It changed everything!

When it was banned the United Kingdom celebrated, last year during lockdown we still celebrated. Out of lockdown this year we will definitely celebrate.

So why not come and join the Celebration at Granton Parish Church.

You will be most welcome.

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