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Advent & Christmas Services

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The Cross Factor Christmas Services

Christmas is approaching fast and to the church that means preparing for the big day throughout Advent. Read on for details of this year’s Advent and Christmas services – all welcome.


surpriseNov 30th @ 11am : 1st Sunday In Advent

The Surprise Factor

John the Baptist comes on the scene after 400 years when God had been silent. No one expected what would happen next.





Dec 7th @ 11am : 2nd Sunday In Advent

Everyone’s a winner

With the X Factor only one person can win but anyone who believes in Jesus can be saved. Doesn’t matter who you are anyone can be a winner.




Dec 14th @ 11am : 3rd Sunday In Advent

The Bookies Favourite

Who would you choose to be the mother of God? No one would have given Mary a chance but God saw her differently. What made an unmarried teenage girl God’s choice?




lessonsandcarolsDec 21st @ 11am : 4th Sunday In Advent

Traditional 7 Lessons and Carols

Christmas carols are a part of our nations heritage. Many of them have become part of the fabric of our society like Away in Manger and Holy Night. This is a chance to sing many of our favourites whilst hearing the Christmas story read for us.



no1Dec 24th @ 6.30pm : Christingle for Christmas Eve

The Christmas number 1

Who will be Xmas number one? Will there be a reaction against the ‘X’ Factor again this year? Many years ago a bunch of shepherds heard an angelic choir singing. There was no doubt for them they were hearing a new number 1 that would change the world.

This service is specially geared towards family. As we explore the shepherds story we will be making up Christingles. Come get your free Christingle!



Dec 24th @ 11.30pm : Christmas Eve Service by Candlelight

Immanuel – God with us

After all the waiting the baby arrives. What does it mean to have God with us? Why not join with others as we celebrate our saviours day with some well known carols and good company.




Dec 25th @ 11am : Christmas Day

The baby is here

On Christmas day before the big meal why not take a few moments to remember what it is all about. This is a short service that is a fun celebration of Jesus arrival. Remember to bring a present you are willing to show others!



carolsDec 28th @ 11am

Carols by request

If your favourite Carol has been missed, this is a chance to request it and get it sung!



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