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Almost last blog!

lidia blog 31 august

Last week in the garden was just the way I’d always want it. The bus stop groceries session was again full of interactions, while preparing the stall I would even struggle to concentrate on making these bouquets and getting everything out there, so many people have been around during these pasts weeks even just the guests from lunch club that it now became perfectly usual to just have a chat. I’ll definitely miss that in just two weeks. 

This week’s session we also shared some carrot harvest for the first time – not just in a plain carrot version, but also as carrot oat cookies with dried fruits and roasted nuts. I must say out carrots are incomparably more flavourful so I do hope people have the enjoyed that. 

I’ve also had lovely Karen to visit me at the stall and get to know some of our usual “customers”, which was really nice. 
Thursday gardening session we’ve had Sonya and Nova again in the garden, making some beautiful bouquets for their family, but also as Sonya usually do – doing some quality control for the weeding progress in the garden. If it wasn’t for them, our lovely flower beds would surely be eaten up by the weeds at that point! It was really good to be back in the garden and teach Nova potting on some foxgloves for the next seasons beds. If she won’t be a gardener in the future then I don’t know who will be. Building your skills at such a young age is truly impressive 🙂  
Friday also brought us some exciting events as we’ve hosted a plants swap with ElrecUK, many fantastic people and intersections that we’ve shared…and thousands of fun facts about plants. Thank you for stopping by. 

Enjoy! See you in church – and maybe in the garden