April 03 Mark 13: 14 – 23 Time reveals all

1024 x 768 Lent thought for the day

Jesus words in various places in Mark’s gospel contain warnings, some scholars argue this specific warning is about an idol in the synagogue. It was something that shouldn’t be in a sacred place and was so obviously out of place that it served as warning as to what would come.

We could argue that it about the destruction of the temple in 70A.D. or about events at the end of time. But it’s also about today. There are some things that are true throughout time. Some dangers are obvious, other are revealed through time.

Time doesn’t not change people’s characters it just reveals who they are. Jesus warns over those who would seek to distract even God’s chosen people from him and the methods they would use.

Just as those deceiving are revealed over time so are we as his followers or not.

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from Emma