April 04 Mark 13: 24 – 37 The End is Nigh!

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List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events

For those of you viewing online the link above will take you to the Wikipedia article titled “List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events”

For those of you who can’t look it up, it is a list of all the times people have tried to predict the end of the world. There are well over 100 entries arranging from 66AD to the 29th July 2016. The next prediction is the year 2020 by American Psychic Jeanie Dixon (this was her revised prediction, her first guess was February 4th 1962)

Many people have become obsessed with predicting the end times. Even great figures like Martin Luther, Isaac Newton and John Wesley have fallen into the trap. But Jesus is clear no one knows when the world as we know it will cease to be, not even he knew and he is the Son of God! Instead of wasting our time trying to predict the end of the world, we should learn to value each and every day.

How will you make today a meaningful day?

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from David