April 08 Mark 14: 43 – 52 Fight or Flight?

1024 x 768 Lent thought for the day

As part of our basic survival instincts we have a Fight or Flight response. When threatened, our instincts are to stay and fight of the threat, or to run away from the danger. It is a legacy from when facing deadly animals was an everyday part of human life.

The disciples exhibited both responses. First, they tried to fight off their attackers, and then they ran away. But Jesus didn’t fight or fly, instead he faced his arrestors calmly. He knew that to be truly brave in this situation he needed against his natural self-preservation instinct and do what was right.

Do you ever find your instincts get the better of you, make you do things that you know aren’t the best?

Think about what those could be for you, and how God might be calling you act differently.

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from David