April 09 – Palm Sunday Mark 14: 53 – 65 Truth and lies

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This passage describes Jesus’ trial before the Jewish Council or Sanhedrin. Given the way the proceedings are handled, the verdict is a foregone conclusion. The court witnesses give false evidence and even contradict one another. When Jesus confirms who he is, the Court states that no further evidence is needed – Jesus is condemned.

The contrasts are striking: the court’s witnesses tell lies – Jesus tells the truth; the accusers are irrational and incompetent – Jesus shows poise and composure; the guards humiliate and beat their captive – Jesus rejects violence.

Jesus was willing to speak the truth in the face of the threats made against him, and willing to be condemned and to die for us.

Does thinking about Jesus’ courage, give you and me a greater motivation to follow him and to speak the truth about him, whatever the cost?

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from Derek