April 10 – Holy Week Monday Mark 14: 66 – 72 I don’t know him

1024 x 768 Lent thought for the day

This evening at 7.30pm in the church – short meditation for Monday of Holy Week. The church is also open today between 10.30am and 12.30pm for prayer stations for Holy Week.

There is a verse from the Old Testament that says ‘even the fittest may stumble and fall’. It is very appropriate here in that Peter was one of the strongest disciples yet even he denied Jesus. We should never consider our faith so strong that we will never fall or fail. Given the right circumstances every one of us is capable of denying Jesus.

The only way to guard against that is to be wise and recognise we need Jesus help every day to keep the faith.

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from Norman