April 14 – Good Friday Mark 15: 33 – 41 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me


This evening at 7.30pm in the church – service for Good Friday. The church is also open today between 10.30am and 12.30pm for prayer stations for Holy Week.

Probably the most complicated bit of Christianity is the whole concept of the Trinity. How do Father, Son and holy spirit relate to each other? Even the best human attempts to describe this relationship fall short.

What we do know is that they have existed eternally as a godhead where the three are one and the one are three. At least until Jesus experienced the isolation of the cross as God the Father could not look on him as he bore our sins.

For the first time ever, that eternal communion was broken and it was broken for us!

Take a moment to consider the cost that God paid for your redemption.

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from Norman