April 16 – Easter Sunday Mark 16: 1 – 8 The Journey Continues…

he is risen

The ending of Mark’s gospel is cliff-hanger. It leaves you asking “well what happened next?” It is so sudden and so abrupt, that later writers tried to add on a neater ending to round up the story with a satisfying conclusion.

But the cliff-hanger was intentional. While it seems abrupt, the author of Mark has actually given us everything we need to believe in Jesus: he’s told us about his life, death and now his resurrection.

So rather than telling us what happened next in the story, the author challenges us to ask “what’s next” for us? What are we going to do with this story, how will it affect our lives? The Gospel of Mark was not written to act as just a historical, but as a means for people to encounter the risen Jesus here and now.

As you look back on this time of Lent, and all God has in your life over the last 46 days, what is next for you?

Today’s final Thought for the Day for Lent is from David