April issue of Life and Work

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An Unexpected Easter Feast

Jolyon Mitchell considers the impact and influence of art in telling the story of Emmaus and opening eyes

Clearing the Way at Christ’s Baptismal Site

Tim Porter highlights the work of the Halo Trust, a charity involved in a key project to improve access to the site of Jesus’ baptism

Easter Prayer from the Moderator of the General Assembly

Bethlehem and Calvary

In his final reflection for Life and Work, the Very Rev Dr James Simpson highlights parallels between Bethlehem and Calvary


A Desire for Justice

Jackie Macadam interviews Val Brown, a Church of Scotland member who has opened her home to a Syrian refugee

From Reform to Renewal

The Very Rev Dr Finlay Macdonald introduces extracts from his new history of the Church

An Artistic Legacy

Alison Roberts pays tribute to the life of esteemed stained glass artist Crear McCartney

Christianity is Not Dead

Ron Ferguson argues that Christianity will not disappear in Scotland as humanity continues to seek meaning in life.

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