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Faith and Finance

Should the Church of Scotland divest from fossil fuels?

Interview with Charles Munn, elder, economics professor and convener of the Church’s Special Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity

Two ministers reflect on past careers in the banking industry


The Privilege of Chaplaincy

The Rev Chris Kellock offers an insight into the life of a military chaplain


Changing Lives

The work of International Justice Mission


Bridging the Gap

Dr Murdo Macdonald shares stories of church-sponsored projects closing the digital divide


Creative Theology

Ron Ferguson argues that the Church of Scotland needs both conservatives and liberals


Unity of Church ‘Of Fundamental Importance’

In his final column, the Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison explains the importance of seeking unity


A Passion for Justice

Reflecting on a recent trip to Egypt, Hannah Mary Goodlad considers the plight of refugees and the need for tolerance


Image Over Word

The Rev Alastair Duncan considers the place and power of art in the Church today


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