As one door closes, another inches open for Alasdair


Alasdair McMillanIt feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I was first saying “Hello” to you, but apparently 15 months have flown past and now it’s time to for me to say “Goodbye”!

I want to begin by thanking you all so very much for being there for me over the course of my placement. Thank you for all your encouragement, for your smiles and most of all, for sharing yourselves with me.

It has been a real joy and privilege to get to know you during my time at Granton and to see the way that God is working in and through you. There have been so many times I’ve been inspired by something one of you has said or done and trust me, I leave part of my heart here with you in Granton.

CathcartTrinityIn terms of my own future, I have been invited to preach as sole nominee at Cathcart Trinity Church in Glasgow on the 7th December. I would appreciate your prayers for this day and all that may follow.

However, wherever I end up, please know you will always be welcome. I would be delighted to see you again.

With my love and prayers,