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The loss of a loved one is a difficult thing for those left behind. Whilst you may wish the world to stop that does not happen. Life continues and there are things that can be done at this time to easy the passing of your loved one. We have compiled these questions below to help you at this time.

Who should I phone in the first instance?

Contact the undertaker first as they will help you with the legal process of registering the death and will liaise with the Minister on what time a service can be held. There are many good undertakers in the Edinburgh area to choose from. After this the Minister will contact the family member organising the funeral to arrange a visit.

What kind of funeral service is offered?

Granton Parish Church is part of the Church of Scotland which adheres to the Christian tradition of Scotland. As such the service is religious with reading from the Bible, the Christian Scriptures, prayers to God and the commending of the soul of the departed to Jesus.

For those who wish a non-religious service the Undertaker can put you in touch with The Edinburgh Humanist society  who supply celebrants for non-religious services.

Do I need to be a Church member?

No, the services of the church for funerals are open to any member of the community. The church is organised into parishes which cover specific areas of the city. Our Parish of Granton extends from Granton Road in the East to Crewe Road North in the West .The old Railway line that runs parallel to Ferry Road marks the southern boundary whilst the Firth of Forth shoreline marks the northern limit.

Occasionally the minister will take funeral services of people outside this area where a clear connection to the congregation can be demonstrated. Normally though a person should approach their local church in the first instance.

Can we use the church for the service?

There are pros and cons to using the church. It is a very large building holding space for over 250. Smaller funerals may well seem lost in the space. Nor do we have access to the range of music available at the crematorium.  On the other hand, services are not tied to a specific time allocation and there is more scope for a lengthier memorial.

If you would like to use the church building please note there is a cost of £100 for heating and lighting as well as an additional cost of £60 if you require the services of the church organist.

Can we hire the church hall for tea and sandwiches afterwards?

Only in exceptional circumstances do we allow our halls to be used for funeral teas as there are many fine commercial establishments in the area who offer this facility.

How much does the minister cost?

There is no charge for the ministers’ services regardless of the service being in the church or the crematorium. Some families like to express their thanks to the minister with a donation. In such instances we use those donations to help when people need food or find themselves in unexpected hardship.

I want a particular item read or sung at the funeral, how do I arrange that?

Please speak to the minister about any specific requests you might have. A funeral service is a service of worship and not all items are suitable within that context. Church Hymnary 4 is the current Hymn Book in use within Edinburgh Crematoria; the minister will be happy to check through with you that your hymn selections are included in the book.

If you wish to have something outside Church Hymnary 4 sung, you will need to source the music for the organist and arrange with the undertaker for copies to be printed. Please note that hymns as they appear online may not be how they appear in the hymn book.

Likewise songs you have heard on the radio may have been specifically edited and contain different lyrics than those in an album. Please check any music selection is suitable for public performance.

When you choose a particular piece of music please be aware that forever after that music will have a particular significance for you ever time you hear it.

What about after the funeral?

The church is here to help. We are a community where those who have suffered bereavement can find a place of security and friendship. We offer various groups to help people with getting back out. Whether it is young mums at the Magic Carpet, mature ladies at the Ladies Fellowship or mature gents at the Indoor Bowls, there is a place for everyone.

Should you require particular pastoral help after the funeral the minister is also happy to help. Please contact them if you wish to pursue this.