Bethany Care Shelter 2016/17


Granton Parish Church participated in the Care Shelter programme again this year, catering for two nights, once in February (at South Leith Baptist Church) and once in April (at Church of the Sacred Heart, Lauriston).

We had a total of eleven volunteers involved over the two Catering Teams, including three for the first time, serving a total of 102 meals over both nights.

Thanks to the generosity of those who gave to the Retiring Offerings at the Christingle, Watchnight and Christmas Day Services and a further donation from Mr Andrew Dean’s Westwoods Running Club, we have covered the costs of both nights at the Care Shelter and are left with a surplus of £283.13, which will be donated to Bethany for the continuing work with the Winter Care Shelter next year.

Overall, the Winter Care Shelter ran for 28 weeks this winter, providing 9,251 bed spaces and supplying over 10,000 evening meals and breakfasts.  On average, there were 47 people using the Shelter each night, supported by over 1,000 volunteers from 72 churches.

Many thanks to the Congregation for their continued support.

Alan and Sandra Summers.