Bethany Winter Care Shelter


Over £400 was raised by the generosity of people who attended our Christmas services last week! That money will pay for food for our two meals, which we are providing this winter on Sunday 9th February and Sunday 15th March.

If you would like to find out more about this service please speak to Sandra or Alan Summers, or speak directly to Bethany on 0131 561 8930.

About The Bethany Winter Shelter
The Bethany Winter Care Shelter provides people who are rough sleeping with a place to go for the night where they can find shelter, a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.

Started in Edinburgh in 1996 with a 2-week pilot over Christmas, the Shelter has grown over the years to span six and a half months over the winter, from October until April.

The service is run by a small team of staff and relies on around 1,000 volunteers from churches across the Lothians. They provide church venues for people who are homeless to sleep in on a nightly rota basis as well as preparing and serving a hot meal.

The service has been a lifeline for many people over the years.

The Care Shelter is funded by the voluntary donations of trusts and foundations, individuals and communities, as well as receiving some money from Caring Christmas Trees.

If you would still like to donate money to help cover food for our care nights please either speak to Sandra or Alan, donate in the box in the coffee area or put your donation in an envelope marked ‘Bethany’ and place it in the offering plate.