Bikes, clothes, sanitary products and volunteers – the latest from Granton Goes Greener

cycle ride 2

Bike repairing session and cycling tour.

We had a very successful bike repairing session on the 18th October followed by a cycling tour to Cramond on the 21st. 13 bikes in total have been checked and minor repairs conducted. For those of you that have had no chance of joining us on the day, we are arranging another session with Grease Monkey in about 4 weeks’ time as well as another bike ride to Granton hub and Walled Garden. Keep an eye on our social media for further updates. We would also recommend to everyone to get a bike helmet and bring it along on the ride. Children under 14 would not be permitted to join us unless they wear a helmet.

Clothing Swap Shop and Volunteering
We have enough clothes hangers now thanks to generous donation from John Lewis and Sainsbury. We are still looking for more donations especially winter jackets, hats and scarves, which are in high demand. If anyone is interested in volunteering, feel free to pop into the Swap Shop at anytime it is opened. Even 1-2 hours of your work would be appreciated.

Free sanitary products.
As you may have noticed, we have a new cupboard in the West Hall with free sanitary products from Fare Share. Feel free to help yourself to anything you need and add your name or initials to the list. We have put some products in the toilets and they are free to be used as well.
The cupboard is meant to be for donated non-perishable food, which we are hoping to receive in the next few weeks. For the moment any donations of canned and dry food could be stored in the cupboard and taken by anyone in need.
We also have a brown suitcase full of different greeting cards and again-free to good home.

Supporting our volunteers.
One of our volunteers-Margaret has been working with Shoebox appeal for years. She is helping to collect little toys and soft teddy bears that could fit into a shoebox. They do not have to be brand new as Margaret washes them and brings them back to life. If you have any small toys or items like tooth paste, soap, tooth brush hair comb etc, you can still bring them to the Swap Shop and we will pass them to Maragret.