Blue Skies Thinking Group….


Last year the congregation received a legacy of £22,000 from the late Miss Elspeth Horton. Terms of the legacy were that the Kirk Session would control expenditure as it was left to that particular body and not the wider congregation.

After a lot of discussion the Kirk Session recognised there were many different areas of our church where that money could be spent. The heating, the electrics, the kitchen to name but a few.

It was decided a small group of people should go away and explore possibilities before bringing recommendations to the Kirk Session which would then involve the wider congregation in a consultation process. This was done to make sure we got the best value we could out of the bequest and that it was used to increase the range and capability of what we could offer as a church.

Those on the small group are: Linda Young as Session Clerk, Chas Macintosh as Assistant Session Clerk, Alan Summers as Finance Convenor, Anne Macintosh as Outreach Convenor, Neil Macdonald as Fabric Convenor, Sandra Cumming as Social Convenor, Dan and Karen Docwra as they both have fundraising skills.
The group is convened and led by Linda Young.

Currently the group are looking at how best to use the space between the church and the 2 halls. Once they have an outline of what is possible they will then invite other users such as those who regularly use the kitchen or session/crèche room to have an input.

Watch this space for more news as it develops!