Can you print and deliver a couple of copies of the bulletin?


Since the beginning of lockdown copies of the Bulletin and Thought for the Day have been posted out to 25 of our folk who don’t have internet access and enjoy keeping up with the news and reading the daily message.

Regulations now allow us to hand-deliver them rather than incurring postage costs, and we are hoping that members of the congregation might be able to print off one or 2 copies each week and deliver to people nearby.

You need to have internet access and the use of a printer. Each copy needs 6 page prints.

If you can help out:


  1. Check the street addresses that you can do on this Doodle Poll (tick those that you can do)
  2. Chas will contact you to confirm the exact addresses
  3. Each Thursday the new Bulletin and Thought for the Day digest will be available on this page here

Or just drop a note to