Celebrating 121 years of service to the Boys’ Brigade

BB awards photo

On Sunday 12th June Malcolm Burton, Stuart Mitchell and Alan Summers were thanked for their long service as officers in the Boys’ Brigade at Granton Parish Church.

Watch the video of the presentation below

Together serving 121 years (Malky 43, Alan, 40, Stuart 38) they have given selflessly of their own time and energy to help mentor many generations of Grantonians. Their dedication in preparing and then delivering a varied program of activities has helped to shape countless lives of young boys who as they grew into young men looked to the Boys’ Brigade for inspiration.

On behalf of everyone at Granton Parish Church and in the wider Granton community we offer our heartfelt thanks to Malky, Stuart and Alan as they enjoy their retirement from official BB roles.

For the moment, the Company will be entering abeyance, a technical term meaning the company will be taking a break for the next couple of years whilst we see if anyone else in the community would like to take it on. Please pray and give thanks for those like these dedicated three who are retiring and all the boys who were inspired through the years. Also for anyone who might feel the call of God to take it on and inspire future generations of young people.

Norman Smith

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