Children’s Activities during the Service

kids provision

Some folk will remember the news last month that we were planning to change the way that we provide activities for children during the service – read more here.

The changes start from this week, 11th February.

The Bible reading will now happen before the Kids’ Talk, so that the young people  can hear what the grown ups are going to be hearing about in the sermon. Then they will leave for their own activities after their hymn and come back into church after the sermon and chat..

What activities are there?

For pre-school children there will still be creche – just drop off your child to either of the creche volunteers after the children’s hymn. They can be picked up again after the service.

School-age children can go through the side door after the kids’ hymn for their own activities which might include, a video, chat, games and crafts. They will come back into the service after the sermon.

Families who feel more comfortable staying with babies also have the option of sitting on the comfy couches in the coffee area, and still be able to be part of the service.

Feedback – it will be good to hear from kids, parents and volunteers how they feel about the new arrangements.

All our volunteers are fully compliant with Church of Scotland Safeguarding requirements.




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