Christian Aid Sale of Pictures October 22 – October 24

Christian aid and ST andrews

We are delighted to announce that the autumn Sale will take place at St Andrew’s and St George’s West to raise funds for Christian Aid. Christian Aid gives relief to the poorest people of the world, wherever there is suffering, disaster or famine, and helps to rebuild shattered lives.

Earlier this year it appeared that there might not be a sale at all, and thus no funds raised for Christian Aid’s vital work. But the gradual opening up of public life in Edinburgh allowed the organising team to design an ingenious plan so that a sale adapted to these times could go ahead. With support from the Kirk Session of St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church and all the volunteers, preparations are in hand to provide a safe and welcoming Sale.

October 22 – October 24

Thursday & Friday 10am–5pm

Saturday 10am–3pm

The Sale offers an unexpected opportunity this year for visitors to acquire their own piece of cultural history as they browse in our historic church. Many Scottish artists are represented, including famous names from the past and the present. And because the sale is focused on raising funds for Christian Aid, the prices are affordable.

The generosity of so many donors and the time and effort of dozens of volunteers ensure that we can continue to support Christian Aid in its work to help those around the world most in need.

For more information about the Sale, please contact Mary Davidson at 0131 556 2168 or 0771 418 6754 or James Holloway at 0780 382 2334

We look forward to seeing you at the Sale.

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