Church meeting for Prayer – Thursday 13th June


The next Prayer Session is on Thursday 13th June from 6 – 7pm

Life never goes in a straight line with ups and downs being part of everyday experience.

When you add faith into that mix it means life is complicated; there are days when believing comes easier than others. How in the midst of all this do you keep your relationship with God alive?

The answer is prayer. With prayer your faith is being nurtured, without prayer starved. We have in our church prayer triplets where 3-4 people gather to pray together.

Alongside that we are starting a monthly meeting open to anyone and everyone to pray. This will be a low key hour where most of it is spent sitting quietly, speaking to God.

On the second Thursday of the month from 6-7pm in the church there is a chance to gather with others to pray.

Put it in your diary and hope to see you there!