Church open this Sat (3rd Nov) for Prayer


Every year the Church of Scotland holds a national day of prayer. It’s a time when churches across the land are open for people to pray either individually or in groups.

This year its Saturday November 3rd (This Saturday) so our church will be open from 10am till 12noon for anyone to come in and pray.

We all have people to pray for, family, friends, our community, our church. We give thanks for things like the ending of WWI 100 years ago and for the peace that we are privileged to know in our own time. There is a lot more to give thanks for! We also know people who might be going through a tough time and what better thing to do than to pray for them. Who do you know that would appreciate knowing you were praying for them? Why not come down to the church, bring them with you if they are up for it.

Pop in and out on your way shopping or sit for the whole 2 hours, it’s entirely up to you.

I will be there and be available to pray with anyone. I’ll also have some materials to help you find the words.

Hope to see you on Saturday.