Church response to refugee crisis


We are all very aware of the extraordinary situation facing refugees fleeing the crisis in Syria, and the Church of Scotland have begun making plans for how the Church and its members can respond to the refugee crisis.

The Church plans to enable everyone who wishes to contribute their support to parishes where refugees are settled, and to encourage Ministers and church members to play a role in their communities in promoting a welcome for refugees.

The Church has an extraordinary depth of experience and resource which it can bring to bear to meet the needs of refugees arriving in communities in Scotland.

At present,it is unclear when, where and how many refugees will be arriving in Scotland, and of course no matter how many find a place of safety here, it will not present a solution to the current catastrophe. Many more displaced people will still be dependent on support beyond our shores, and our World Mission Council continues to work hard to ensure their needs are not overlooked.

A massive social care network already exists through Cross Reach,the Church’s Social Care Council, which may be able to accommodate some of the care needs of those arriving.

The Mission and Discipleship Council plan to be able to equip church members with appropriate skills to meet the needs of refugees.

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