Clothing Swap Shop and Volunteering

2018-08-07 17.19.08

Juliet Wilson, our Climate Change Officer, writes:

I just want to say a few things about the clothing swap shop.

Through the swap shop, we want to encourage everyone to think about sourcing clothing second hand. This is something I believe in myself, all my clothes are second hand (except for underwear!). Wearing second hand clothing means you can put together your own look rather than being a slave to fashion. It also greatly helps to reduce waste.
We seem to receive a lot of new clothes at the Swap Shop. There are some good reasons for donating new clothes, such as you bought an item for this summer before you went on a diet and now it doesn’t fit, or you’re donating an unwanted gift that you were too late to return to the shop. On the other hand, please don’t buy new clothes specifically to donate to the Swap Shop as that undermines the whole point of it.

We need volunteers!

The swap shop runs Mondays 4-5pm, Tuesdays 4.30 – 6pm and Fridays 12-1pm. When the Tuesday swap shop coincides with the Granton Gardeners Community Meal then the regulars at the meal cover the swap shop. However, we still need volunteers for Mondays and Fridays and for Tuesdays during August. The swap shop is meant to be staffed by two volunteers every session. When the church applied for the funding for this, they intended that once the Climate Change Officer post comes to an end (next March) that the swap shop will continue as a volunteer run project. Although we hope to bring in volunteers from the local community there will ideally be one church volunteer each session. This is particularly important during the school holidays when fewer things are happening in the building and one of the volunteers will need a key! If you want to volunteer please let me know. You can sign up to take part in a rota or to staff the swap shop more regularly.