Community Day in the News

This article appears on the Church of Scotland website “Parish News Round Up” page, and already has a very positive comment from a reader who is impressed with what we’ve done at the back of the church!

A successful community day was organised by Granton Parish Church in Edinburgh in September.

David Moodie, Parish Assistant said: “A wide range of organisations, charities, businesses and clubs, from all across our Granton, were invited to set up stalls and displays to showcase the best of what they do.

“What was most exciting to see, were the conversations sparked that day. People new to the area were able to meet their neighbours and discover what’s on offer in their community, families were able to connect with our local youth groups and find exciting new activities for their children, not to mention all the networking that was possible between the different organisations working to make Granton a better place.

“It was great to see people from all across Granton having a really fun day, while also becoming a more connected and integrated community.”


Daniel Muir – Friday, October 20th, 2017

“Looking at that photograph I see what could be achieved in Gretna St. Andrew’s. I think that I shall print this off and show it at out next Kirk Session Meeting.”