Congregational Roll & How to become an Adherent

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All church members and adherents will be able to vote on the proposals to develop our buildings. Read how to become an adherent.

The congregational roll for the church stands at around 200. This is made up of both Communicant Members and Adherents – both of whom have the right to a full say or the right to vote on any congregational issue – including the vote on the proposed Development Project on 20th August.

There are three ways to become a Communicant Member:

  • Profess faith in Christ (Proclaimation of Faith)
  • By Certificate of Transfer (“Lines”), as a Communicant Member from another Church of Scotland congregation or another church
  • By Resolution of the Kirk Session – a request made to the Kirk Session to be added to the roll. This is often in cases where someone has come from another church which does not offer Certificates of Transfer or where previous membership may have lapsed.


To be recorded as an Adherent you should be part of the church community. That means regularly attending worship and being part of the everyday life of the church. Simply write to the Minister ( with your request to be recorded as an adherent, giving your full name, address and any other contact details that you are willing to give (phone and email)

Data Protection

Communicant Members are regarded as having agreed to have their details kept by the actual act of ‘joining the church’, and Adherents agree to this by requesting to become an Adherent.

The details we hold – name, and contact details (in some cases, where you have given it, we also hold date of birth) are held on a password-protected computer database both for statistical purposes and to allow us to include you in the life of the congregation eg to ensure you get weekly eBulletin and so that we know where you live if you ever need a visit. By being on a Church Roll you are implicitly allowing us to hold details of your religious beliefs, which are classed as sensitive information for Data Protection purposes.

We do not share these details with any other organisation, and no personal information is used in sending the annual count to church HQ.

Changes to information

If you want to know more or wish to update your details, contact Charles Macintosh, Roll Keeper, on 0779 532 3889 or email