Coronavirus update from Norman – 19th March

Hi folks, hope you are all keeping safe during the current crisis. Please remember those who are keeping society going in your prayers and all those affected by the corvid-19 virus.

You might think church has stopped, it hasn’t. We can’t do what we normally do so we are getting creative in how we keep our church community connected and how we reach out to the wider community. Given we are a people of hope its really important we embody this hope right now.

So what are we doing?

At the moment the church will be open for prayer on Sunday from 10am to 12 noon. This is not a service. There will be soft music and some slides and text on the screen and people will be able to come and sit and pray for as long as they want. Please wash your hands on arrival and please remember we are practicing physical distancing. We need to be responsible in this.

For as long as we are able we will do this but we know the time might come when we are told to stop this as well. We will keep you informed.

Every week there will be a bulletin sent out via email for people that will have items in it on how to keep connected, how to keep our faith growing, how to keep reaching out and how to keep our hope alive. It will also have practical things we can do. As the weeks go on we hope to develop the bulletin as a place where people can exchange messages with others. (

Share ‘n’ Wear is an essential service to the community so at this point it is going on but in altered ways. We are extremely grateful to Baynes’ Bakery for continuing to supply us their surplus baked goods that we can then distribute. We are also grateful to Sandy’s in West Pilton who are also now donating us their unsold goods for distribution. If anyone can help with pickup of these and drop off at the church we would love to hear from you. Baynes’ pickup is at 5pm on Thursdays and Sandy’s at 6pm on Tuesday’s, both being dropped off at the church.

How would you like to see your friends faces and hear their voices? We are going to use Zoom to create as many online groups as we can where we can meet online to chat and encourage one another. There will be a chance for anyone who is able to be a part of this. Drop Norman a line if you are interested.

We are also going to check in with our folks regularly by phone. Don’t be surprised if someone from the church phones just to say hi and see how you are doing. Be nice to them!

Coronavirus is like a punch to the gut, we may be down for the moment but we are certainly not out. This is a time to respond with creativity, courage and hope because our God is bigger than all this.

If you know someone in the church or community who wants to be kept up to date with what their local church is doing, get them to sign up to this page, the bulletin and keep an eye on the website.

Watch this space for more info.

God bless you all and keep you safe.




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