Could you help out as a taxi buddy?


Crossreach are looking for volunteer ‘taxi-buddies’ to help with the work at the Sunflower Garden….read on for a letter from Gillian Rouse, their Senior Project Worker…


Dear Minister,

CrossReach’s Sunflower Garden Project, based in Edinburgh is seeking new volunteers and I am writing in the hope that you would be kind enough to display the enclosed poster somewhere prominent within your church; perhaps you could also include it in your next church communication too?

Sunflower Garden works with children aged 5-14 who are affected by drug and alcohol misuse within their family. We provide a range of therapeutic support for children such as 1: 1 support, counselling, play therapy, as well as offering group work and befriending. The majority of the families that we work with struggle to transport children to and from their sessions, so consequently our volunteers play a vital role in the work of Sunflower Garden, acting as Children’s Taxi Buddies.

We would be incredibly grateful if you could help us by advertising our volunteering need to your congregation. If you would like to know more about the work we do, or how your congregation could further support Sunflower Garden, then please do not hesitate to get in touch using the details below. A hard copy of this letter and the flyer will follow in the post.

Kind Regards,



Gillian Rouse

Senior Project Worker: Volunteers & Students

0131 220 2488



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Registered Charity Number: SCO11353 CrossReach is an arm of the Social Care Council