David in the spotlight

photo of David Moodie - our Children's Ministry leader

welcome david moodie

David has been with us now for over a month and hopefully most of the congregation will have had a chance to meet him and have a chat.

We asked David a few questions to help us to get to know him.

Whats your background in church life?

I grew up going along to church in my home town. When I went to university in Edinburgh I went to P’s and G’s Church where I was involved in music and children’s work for a number of years. Last year I did an internship at P’s and G’s before moving down to Granton.

What is you current role in the church and what excites you most about it?

As the Parish Assistant I will be largely be involved in children’s work: so running Magic Carpet and Messy Church, helping with PATCH and looking to new ways of engaging with children and young people. I will also be doing some preaching, worship and pastoral work.

I am most excited for getting the children’s groups up and running. It’s been great to hear about all the groups at the church that engage with families in the community and I’m excited to see them reaching out and building new connections with parents and children.

Tell us a bit about your family?

I have a mum and a dad in Dunbar and a little sister studying to be a primary teacher at Edinburgh University. I also have a fiance, Alice, who just graduated this year and has gone into work with children with additional support needs.


None at the moment, but hopefully when I get my own place…

What do you do in your spare time (if you have any)?

I am recent convert to cycling and I listen to a lot of podcasts (not at the same time!). Also more Netflix than I would care to admit…

What kind of music do you listen to?

An eclectic mix but mostly indie and folk nowadays (my EDM days are behind me)

Favourite food?

The Bosco Salad from Pizza Express has had a profound impact on my life, I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Favourite TV/film?

The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition. I have been known to cry at the end…

Favourite place?

I could spends days in the British museum: free entry and more history than I could possibly hope for.

Favourite possession?

When I was baptised a few years ago I was given the bible that my Granddad had been given for his baptism on 10th December 1950. Its a little King James Bible with an inscription from his parents (my great-grandparents). It reminds me I am where I am today because of generations of faithful people.

Holiday destinations planned this year?

Nothing for the rest of the year, we have a wedding to save for!


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