Day 12 Dec 14 Luke 1: 21-22 A sign of things to come


To my knowledge this passage is the first example we have in the Bible of someone speaking sign language (let me know if you find any others). Disabled people have always been a part of the Church, but unfortunately churches haven’t always been the most welcoming places. Worship spaces often aren’t designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. Our services can be hard to follow for people with hearing/visual impairment or distressing for people who are sensitive to loud noises and crowds. And many people with disabilities have been overlooked in church and had their contributions undervalued. But all through the Bible God works through disabled people: Moses had a speech impairment, Isaac was blind, Jacob walked with a limp, and God worked through all of them. God clearly values people with disabilities.

How then can we make our church a place where disabled people feel welcomed, connected and valued?

Today’s Advent Thought for the Day is from David