Day 15 Dec 17 Luke 1: 59-68 Shhhhhhh!


It’s often quipped that God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we should spend twice as much time listening as we do speaking. But are often more interested in speaking than listening, and with social media it has become easier than ever to broadcast our views to the world. When Zechariah first heard he was going to have a son he was not prepared to believe the angel. He was too old and the promise was too outlandish. But when the angel took away his speech he was forced to only listen for 9 months. It gave Zechariah a new perspective. When it came time to name the baby Zechariah followed the Angel’s instructions and called him John. Listening taught Zechariah how to trust in God. Silence has been an important practice for Christians for centuries, as it allows people to be still and listen to what God is saying.

Today take a moment to be silent, even just for a minute, and take some time to just listen.

Today’s Advent Thought for the Day is from David


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