Day 20: Dec 16th Luke 1: 50-56 Just Christmas


The second half of Mary’s prayer is a shocking addition to the Christmas story. It talks about king and the rich being humbled, and the poor and hungry raised up. It sounds more like a something from a revolutionary manifesto than a nativity play! But this prayer is an important part of the Christmas story. It reminds us that the reason Jesus came into the world was to proclaim good news to the poor. All through his life he challenged injustice and honoured the poor and marginalised. In our society, the average family spends £800 on Christmas, yet still 25% of people feel under pressure to spend more than they can afford. Christmas is increasingly about consumerism and spending.

How does Mary’s prayer challenge our society’s understanding of Christmas, and how can we make our Christmas less about spending, and more about justice.

Today’s Advent thought is from David