Day 23 Dec 25 Luke 2:1-7

Christmas star

Day 23 Dec 25 Luke 2:1-7 There is a lovely song written by a Christian group called Casting Crowns which is called “while you were sleeping”. It asks questions of those in Bethlehem who missed Jesus birth, of those who failed to notice the signs, of those lying in the dark who missed the everlasting light, when God became human and stepped into the world.

Born in a place foretold but forgotten and ignored by those who should have known better.

Shepherds, wise men and angels, not the religious, the first to greet Jesus. Outsiders open to what God was doing in the world and for the world.

Today is Christmas the waiting is over, the holiday truly begun.

More than two thousand years after Jesus birth the significance of the day will largely go unnoticed, unacknowledged replaced by gift giving and excess. The greatest gift to the world then and now is here in the places perhaps we would least expect but should be. Are we awake to God’s radical message of light and love?

With every blessing

Happy Christmas
Today’s Advent Thought for the Day is from Emma