Driving to Church this Sunday? “Spaces for People”

road closure at Boswall Parkway

Just a heads up to anyone who is driving to church. As part of the Council’s ‘Spaces for People’ scheme, Wardieburn Street East is now inaccessible from Boswall Parkway. The Council say that we can still access the church main gates, but need to enter and leave by the Wardieburn end of the street.

A council spokesperson said “these are not roadworks but spaces for people/Road safety. There are closures both sides of the primary school. Both junctions are closed to traffic but access can be made via the northern end…. If you need further information I suggest you contact my colleagues in Spaces for People at spacesforpeople@edinburgh.gov.uk”

We are assured that “as long as people enter via the northern end they will be able to get access to the gates”.