“Being Christian we are no strangers to hope” – Easter message from Norman

hope post

On behalf of your church family, we hope and pray you are keeping well.

What a difference a year makes? This time in 2020 we were just into our first lockdown where everyone expected after 3 months things would all return to normal; instead the world changed. You know more than anyone how difficult this past year has been as we have not been able to see loved ones or to hug or even shake hands. We have said goodbye to too many people because of the pandemic as well.

Thankfully this Easter things are different. Between the vaccine and the warmer weather fewer people are contracting the virus. Doctors have discovered new ways to treat those who have it, so less people are becoming seriously unwell. As a society we have learnt to live with these restrictions because we know they are helping keep people alive. There is a far greater sense of hope today than at any time since the pandemic started.

Of course, being Christian we are no strangers to hope.

When the disciples came to write down their memoirs of Jesus life, John wrote these words: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. (John 1:5) No matter how dark or difficult things might be, the light of Jesus would never be overcome. Think of all the horrible things that have happened through history yet none of them extinguished the light of Jesus. Hope has always overcome. Whatever situation you find yourself in this Easter I want to remind you that hope will overcome; Jesus light will not be extinguished. This Easter let us give thanks to God for being a God who overcomes and who is greater than any darkness this world might experience.

Later on in the New Testament as the church began to take shape and grow you find this written, They spent their time in learning from the apostles, taking part in the fellowship, and sharing in the fellowship meals and the prayers (Act 2:42). From the beginning Christianity was a relational faith where people from very different backgrounds were united in Christ. Their church family spent time together, lived their lives together and together they changed the world. Our church family is drawn from across the world, yet we are one in Christ. The spiritual glue that holds us together is stronger than any physical separation.

Thought for the day

To help us travel the spiritual journey together we offer a Thought For the Day where everyone in the church family can spend a few moments each day thinking and praying about the same bit of scripture. We also offer a weekly email with news and you can sign up for both here. It is important we have common points in our journey together.

Let me close by saying, whoever you are, wherever you are, you are part of our family! We value our diversity and we celebrate our unity, always giving glory to God.

May God Bless you and keep you this Easter time and may you know the hope of Easter in your heart.

God Bless