Eco-Challenge for Lent #1

During Lent we will be encouraging everyone to take part in an Eco-Challenge. There will be challenges that we can all do together to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re ready to start the first challenge!

This is all part of our commitment as an Eco-Congregation in identifying small ways we can help tackle climate change and look after the environment, both as a church and individually.

If you want to find out more, speak to our Eco-Ambassador, Catriona Jeorrett.


Have a spring clean of your wardrobe, pick out anything that you haven’t worn for ages, doesn’t fit or you don’t like (but is still good and wearable) and take it to church to start our new swap shop.

Eco-Fact: Reusing 1kg of clothing, instead of buying new, can save around 35kg of CO2, the same as flying to Amsterdam and back!