Edinburgh Playing Out – Public Meeting 7.30pm Tuesday 9 February at City Chambers, Royal Mile

A small group of enthusiastic people have organised this free public meeting to publicise Playing Out and the Playing Out weekend we are organising on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April.

Playing Out is a way of reclaiming our city streets for children to play safely and for all age groups to come out of their houses and speak to their neighbours. It involves closing streets on a regular basis (this is flexible, but could be one afternoon a month) and allowing children, under the supervision of their parents, to play outdoors. Unstructured outdoor play with all age groups is important for children’s development. Streets which already organise playing out see an increased sense of community and responsibility Residents’ cars, delivery vehicles etc are still allowed access, it is just through traffic which is prevented from using the road.

If you would like to hear how to organise a Playing Out street over the weekend of 9/10 April, come along to:

Edinburgh Playing Out Public Meeting
7.30pm Tuesday 9 February
City of Edinburgh Council
City Chambers
253 High St
Edinburgh EH1 1YJ

Poster Playing out Public Meeting  9th Feb 2016


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